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Epwell Vigilantes

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Epwell Vigilantes

The Epwell Vigilantes, a group of miscreants who have banded together to pick up the slack left by local law enforcement, have a mammoth task ahead of them. Not only are they all preternatural, but so are the criminals they face. It’s a constant juggle to keep their after-hours activities separate from their public personas, because even heroes still need day-jobs to pay the bills. Everything else must stay below the radar.

What will happen if they fall in love? Can a vigilante fulfil their role with their lover’s safety on the line? Will they be able to keep on top of the growing crime stats in the city? The trouble is, if all the criminals start forming alliances with each other, they’ll outnumber the humans... And Epwell won’t stand a chance.

Urban Shifters

Epwell Vigilantes Book 1

Lycanthrope, Van Harper, was supposed to be flying below the radar to protect his secret Vigilante identity. But when a sexy female mage gate-crashes his world, and kisses him to distraction, there’s no denying their chemistry.

With the line between his covert and public lives suddenly blurred, Van must decide if falling in love is one complication too many.


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