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Immortal Trinity

Stronger Than Blood

Immortal Trinity 1

Empath-demon Rion Le Roux did not choose his lineage, and would rather be anything else. He prefers to live in the In-Between, the mortal plane between Heaven and Hell, where he has formed an unheard of alliance with an angel and a vampire. Their unusual friendship thrusts them into a war between light and dark.

When their duties conflict with one another, and mortals are caught in the fray, how can they hope to triumph? Is what they have stronger than the blood that separates them? When Heaven, Hell and the In-Between come together, nothing is certain.

Redemption and Sacrifice

Immortal Trinity 2

Will Jones, guardian angel on probation, has been thrust under the spotlight by his unusual alliance with a demon prince and New York’s newly appointed vampire king. Known as the Immortal Trinity, they were a force to be reckoned with until their demon was abducted by Hellhounds.

The balance between light and dark has been thrown off kilter. The Immortal Trinity is the In-Between’s best chance at making things right, but first they have to get their demon back. Will is already walking on eggshells. The Quest to the lower realms threatens his very divinity. So does the growing connection with his charge, Vixen Jane. Are they fools for hoping the quest could end in victory? One thing is certain, nothing will ever be the same after this.

Saving Their Forever - Coming Soon!

Immortal Trinity 3

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