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Standalone Novels

Johanna's abundance of imagination and story ideas seem to lend themselves more to series than stand alone novels, but she is determined to change that. Alpha Stray is currently her only stand alone, but she has a few projects on the back burner that will eventually see the light of day.

Alpha Stray

Their dreams of the future never included white picket fences and happily ever afters.

Chase Honeychurch and his friends just wanted to establish their places in the pack, earn an honest living, and enjoy life. Betrayal from those closest to them never crossed their minds.

How can they make peace with losing everything? How does one start over, with a future they didn’t want? With family – and not the ‘blood’ kind. The people who have their backs, no matter what. They have to find those people and never let them go. Protect them. Fight for them. Because, the past never stays buried. They can’t afford to screw up a new beginning.

This time, they won’t run. This time, they'll be ready.

What people have said

"An intricately written tale of family, betrayal, and growth. While shifters are nothing new, nor is mixing them with another paranormal race, it is what Ms. Rae does with her characters and story that make this novel stand out. She has a beautiful writing style that flows easily across the pages and brings the story to life. In fact, it is a story that covers a vast array of topics including homosexual relationships in the 40s, betrayal by those who are supposed to stand beside you, and finding a family with those who are not blood. Initially, the story has all the look and feeling of an ordinary romance, but it develops unusual depth of both plot and characters." - InD'tale Mag


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