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As Johanna has juggled marriage, motherhood, and life over the years, her chronic health conditions have often made themselves known in a loud and unwelcome manner. Naturally this presents a number of challenges, which often leave her feeling like a bird trapped in a cage. She chooses to deal with this by using poetry as a therapeutic release. Even when dark undertones appear in the poems, the reader should bear in mind that Johanna continues to stumble forward one step at a time, fueled by coffee and her family's love.

Surviving the Darkness

A Collection of Poems and Musings

When the world grows dim, and each day becomes a struggle, look within. There is a fire inside you, which burns bright enough to conquer any darkness.

Let your inner light shine, and rise above all that seeks to hold you back.

Even when it feels as though you are stumbling blindly, never lose faith that the path is still beneath your feet.


Pieces of Me

Johanna M Rae and Sherrie Henry have come together in this poetry book to share pieces of their hearts with you.

From sorrow and despair to revelation and enlightenment, immerse yourself in this colorful compilation.

Follow the journeys of these authors longing to understand their place in life and find out where they belong.

"This book was outstanding. so many of the poems touched my soul. some gave me goosebumps. will read it again." - GoodReads Reviewer

Dear Life

Dark jagged shards

Of sheer impenetrable rock

Reach up to the sky

Like clumsy daggers

The universe toys with me

This mountain

Was designed to defeat me

Once, it might have succeeded




This collection of poetry explores the rollercoaster of emotions borne from trying to juggle marriage, motherhood, and challenging health. Share Johanna's anguish, joy, and a determination not to be crushed by the weight of something that cannot be changed.


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