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Therian Secrets

Welcome to a world the wildlife channels didn't prepare you for ...

The Therian Secrets series is set in a small fictional town named Redcliffe, in New Zealand's beautiful Bay of Plenty. Unbeknown to the human population, shapeshifters exist, and are prolific throughout the world.

They have their own justice system, one endorsed by all governments worldwide. Shifters train in academies, to learn how to both protect their own kind, and the humans. These agents also help to keep their community a secret. A group of such shifters live in Redcliffe, fighting constantly to keep the peace, often without acknowledgement.

Jodie Fletcher and her brother Luke have stumbled into this world by accident, and must learn to coexist with the colorful cast of characters they meet along the way. Some things cannot be undone, nor information be unlearned. With danger ever present, and a series of hidden truths constantly unfolding, it is certain to be a bumpy ride.

The Mercenary

Therian Secrets Book One

What if everything you thought you knew about society was wrong?

Jodie Fletcher's world is rocked on its axis when she stumbles into the knowledge that shape shifters are real. Not only that, but they have their own parallel justice system, which is endorsed by governments worldwide. Jodie is drowning in a world she no longer understands and to top it all off, there is a target on her back.

The only thing it seems she can count on is the leopard-shifter who has taken it upon himself to protect her. With their connection deepening after each encounter, and danger ever present around them, decisions need to be made. Can they find a way to bridge the divide between their two worlds?

The Fury

Therian Secrets Book Two

After finally moving past alcoholism and a marriage break up, Luke Fletcher's past has caught up with him.

Abducted by a clan of Lycans, he awakens chained to a cell wall. How long will it take before someone finds him? Will he survive the ordeal, and more importantly, retain his sanity? Jodie Fletcher - Luke's sister - is under house arrest. Her boyfriend, Danny Archer, has become more than protective since Luke disappeared.

Working for International Shifter Information and Control, otherwise known as ISIC, Archer is head of the Urewera Unit in Redcliffe. Fighting for justice within the shifter community, in a world where humans are oblivious, is no easy task. Now, Danny's personal and professional lives have crossed paths. He is caught between keeping Jodie safe and finding Luke. What's more, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

The Butcher

Therian Secrets Book Three

When the reason you took an oath becomes the need to break it....

Polar bear Therian, Rufus Ramanui, is one of Redcliffe’s most dangerous ISIC agents. He swore an oath to protect the innocent and serve the greater good. Now, he wants to retrain as a Phoniás - an assassin - believing it necessary to help his comrades in the ongoing conflict with the Lycans.

The only problem with that plan, is pretty bartender, Summer Matthews. She and Rufus have definite chemistry, but she's currently dating someone else. Will it be too late to win her heart by the time he returns home?

The Bloodhound

Therian Secrets Book Four

Everything he never wanted, he could no longer live without.

Kodiak Therian, Mark Dion, woke up naked in an unfamiliar bedroom after getting drunk at a work party. Before he has time to process the one-night-stand, he is thrust into a chain of events, which only seem to grow more complicated by the day. The boar king is out of the picture, but both his son and his brother want to take the throne.

It is the worst time for Mark to develop a physical attraction he cannot control, or to contemplate an unexpected job offer. Right now, when every action is crucial, will he be able to prevent it all from unraveling?

The Peacekeeper

Therian Secrets Book Five

An unplanned pregnancy can be daunting at the best of times, but for lizard-shifter Eddie Pirini, it's the least challenging thing in his life right now. His human girlfriend, Ainsley, still hasn't come to terms with his animal form.

It won't matter how much they love each other. If she can't accept his beast, their future is doomed. With the added stress of Therian Mafia - the Fraksiya - in Redcliffe, and new Special Forces agents arriving, Eddie is juggling too many things. How can he fulfill his role as The Peacekeeper, when everything is falling apart? How can he be what Ainsley needs, when even she doesn't know what that is? When the dust settles, who will be left standing?


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