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Redemption and Sacrifice - Immortal Trilogy book two (paperback)

Johanna M Rae


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Brothers by choice, allies by necessity.

Despite their unusual alliance, the Immortal Trinity are a force to be reckoned with. Until, Rion is summoned back to his birthplace in Hell. Somewhere, he would never choose to be. Tobias, the newly appointed vampire king; and Will, angel-on-probation; know they cannot leave him down there. Not only have they lost their best friend, but the balance between light and dark has been thrown off kilter.

With so much at stake, they must learn as much as possible about Rion’s past if they hope to help. It will be a journey much greater than anyone could have imagined. Will the truths they uncover prove too much? Or, do they have a chance at bringing him home? Can Rion survive what his father has in store for him? How will this quest affect the mortals left behind in the In-between?

Only one thing is certain, nothing will ever be the same after this.

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